These are the badges you can earn in the game.

Not achieved

An empty badge frame.

[Warning, this page may contain Spoilers!]

Photographic BadgesEdit

These badges are obtained by either taking a photo a certain way, or by taking a photo of something.

Badge: Fully Operational

Badge: Vision Mode

Badge: Scientific Diligence

Badge: Animal life

Milestone BadgesEdit

These badges are obtained by travelling a certain amount of distance.

Badge: Rover Milestone (1)

Badge: Rover Milestone (2)

Badge. Rover Milestone (3)

Birthday BadgesEdit

These badges are obtained by taking a photo on certain dates.

Badge: Happy Birthday Mae!

Badge: Happy Birthday Alan!

Badge: Happy Birthday Carl!

Other BadgesEdit

These badges are obtained through various means.

Badge: With Honors

Badge: Spread the Word

Badge: Exceptional Photograph

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