EDNA, for much of the game, is considered a mysterious provider of funds for XRI's exploration program.

Identity for majority of plotEdit

Mid-to-end plot SPOILERS

For much of the game, EDNA is referred to as a female sponsor, providing millions of dollars of funding to XRI, instrumental in helping the organisation launch its exploratory program.

In leaked calls, it becomes obvious that Lt General Ryan T Arling had previously had control over EDNA, but lost control to Gordon Cavendish's XRI venture.

Later in the plot, it is revealed that EDNA was originally a go-between for funds appropriated by Arling, funneling trillions of dollars since 1995 from the DoD to XRI under the guise of a private benefactor.

Real identityEdit

Post-game SPOILERS

In a post-game dialogue between Arling and Cavendish, it is revealed that EDNA stands for "Earth Defense Network Administration".

It currently acts as an funding body independent of Arling, providing XRI with the funds it needs to continue operating.

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