Welcome to the Extrasolar WikiEdit

Welcome to XRI00:59

Welcome to XRI

This is the non-official Extrasolar game wiki.

Extrasolar game is © Copyright 2013 Lazy 8 Studios™. All rights reserved.

The eXoplanetary Research Institute (XRI)™ is a trademark of Lazy 8 Studios, Inc. Extrasolar® is a registered trademark of Lazy 8 Studios.


Every photo taken can have up to 3 tags done by the player. After submiting ID , if sucess it will either add a new entry or update an older one with a new photo.

In case of a new entry some time will pass before the species is identified. The entry will just state the following


Pending analysis at XRI

Pending analysis at XRI

This species has not been seen before. Our scientists are working to identify it and will update this information soon.

Obviousily what is contained in each of the sections below is a spoiler, so advance at your own risk.


While controlling the rover the player is contacted by several people. Some working for XRI. Others outside investigating XRI's true goals. Others are just referred to and there is no direct contact.

The following pages contain information on each of them and can be considered spoilers.

Messages and TasksEdit

During the game the player receives a series of messages  that can lead to tasks  or advance the story.

For obvious reasons they are SPOILERS and should be checked with care.

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