I'm Jane Van Susteren, lead exobiologist for the Extrasolar project. It is a great opportunity to be the first to catalogue and study life on another planet.

As we posted on the XRI website, early readings and images confirmed our suspicions that Epsilon Prime supports life. Seeing the first pictures we got back from rovers was an incredible experience. Now we'll learn what we can about these organisms: Do they follow the same principles as life on Earth? How do they survive? How have they evolved--and do the same tenets of evolution hold?

Our science team controls a specialized science rover with tools for many biological tests. Part of your job while you explore for Dr. Turing is to scout for us--based on the organisms you tag, we'll know where to find new specimens and good test subjects.

To begin, simply identify some unique species in the area around the lander. This will give us a good introduction to the species of the island. Tag as many organisms as you can--the more samples we have, the more accurate our work will be.

Thanks, and I look forward to seeing what we discover.

Jane Van Susteren, Exobiology Lead

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