Noam Jemison

A software engineer and linguist with XRI who died before the events of Extrasolar.



Dr Noam Jemison is the father of kryptex81 (Alexis Jemison), and ex-colleague of Robert Turing at XRI. He resided at Menlo Park.

His death is the catalyst of kryptex81's actions in hacking into and investigating XRI.

He was partially responsible for cyber security at XRI, including the encryption and protection of files, and was also studying the alien language transmitted with the first signals with the hopes of decoding it.

As a linguist, Jemison might have aided Cavendish in the eventual breakthrough in decoding the message, but he did not succeed in doing so himself before his death.

In a message titled "arling--and my father", Alexis revealed that Jemison had shown her the alien symbols and told her about the cryptic message whe she was a child. She memorised the symbols and reproduced the message on a paper napkin.

Jamison knew about the DoD funneling money to fund the Anti-Threat Initiative, and obtained the evidence needed to reveal the plot.

Toward the end of his life, Jemison experienced insomnia and paranoia as he realised he was in danger.

Before his death, Jamison left an encrypted message for Alexis identifying his killers, encouraging her to leverage the evidence to protect herself by getting a confession out of Lt General Ryan T Arling.

According to a news article posted by Enki on Exoleaks, Jemison died during a hit-and-run incident when he was driving home from the XRI offices in San Francisco at around 1.30am, south-bound on the I-280.

A large vehicle swerved into his lane, knocking Jemison's car off the highway and crushing the driver's side door, leading to fatal injuries.


The final decrypted file was a video left by Noam Jemison stating that he had faked his death in order to protect himself and Alexis.

Jemison revealed he was in hiding until the threat was over and asked Alexis to find him.

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