Hello, {USERNAME},

First, I'd like to thank you for your contributions so far to the Extrasolar Project! We rely on the determination of volunteers like you to keep this project moving.

At the risk of pulling you away from your core mission of exploring the island and identifying new alien species, we'd like to ask for your assistance in a special task. When your landing capsule touched down, the cameras used by the landing system caught a glimpse of a reflective object -- likely a piece of the discarded heat shield. We've reviewed the telemetry data to help pinpoint the item's location.

We just added a new mission to your task list to encourage you to take some photos at that location. To help you, I added a marker to your map, about 150 meters southwest of your current position. You may need to zoom out the map view to see it. If you find anything at that location please tag it in your gallery, just as you've been tagging species for Dr. Van Susteren.

Thank you for your assistance,

- Dr. Robert Turing

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