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Sail Flyer

Common NameEdit

Sail Flyer

Scientific NameEdit

Papiloformis aurifolius


Oh, so lovely! I wonder how they eat, floating up there. Are they diving predators? Or is being aloft just a place to chill and avoid things that want to eat them?

I'm also interested in how they fly, since they don't look much like anything that flies on Earth. It looks like motobionts are generally less tied to having limbs - and a set number of limbs within a clade - than Earth organisms.
--Jane Van Susteren, Exobiology Lead


There are sail flyers on several areas of the map. Some can be found near the source of EM transmission on the northern part of the island, some are on the northernmost peninsula, and some are across the bay from the Cavendish Peninsula (the shore opposite the peninsula). Because they are flying high in the air, it can be very difficult to photograph them successfully.

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