SPC PLANT008 300x300

Scaled Ancient

Common NameEdit

Scaled Ancient

Scientific NameEdit

Paleosquamus saurus


This is unlike any other photobiont that's been seen so far! It's likely that it represents a new Family - or perhaps a new Order! It does have characters that we've seen on other photobionts - the cnidaria, the polystem - but the scale-like protuberances are unlike anything we've seen on this planet. I don't know why these 'leaves' are selected for on this organism, but it seems to be an effective strategy - this is by far the largest photobiont we've seen thus far. --Jane Van Susteren, Exobiology Lead


Two scaled ancients, one smaller and one very large, are located on the same peninsula where the lander is. The larger one is easily visible from a distance, though players who have never seen it before often mistake it for a motobiont until they view it up close. They are to the west of the lander.

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